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Have a score card, Bank of trip more exciting

Bank of China Tower Score Card Rules

Conditions of participation points
► autonomy in the hotel business in the region a one-time cash spending of RMB 1000 will receive a free points card.
► 30 yuan in cash to purchase a scorecard.
Integration standards
► autonomy in the hotel business in the region may participate in integration activities, cash consumption, consumption of 1 yuan each score card account can accumulate 1 point.
► Score Card holders can enjoy rooms with breakfast offers 6 off the price, if your house has signed an agreement with the hotel, it can price the implementation of the agreement.
Scorecard process
► receiving Certificate, Bank of China Tower scorecard and fill out the registration form before processing.
► handled Location: Hotel front desk, the Finance Department.
Points Inquiry
► may hold the card at the front desk or call the hotel sales department in the day check card points situation. Enquiries Tel :0312-3098023 (front) / 3098666,3098128 (Sales);
Gift Exchange
► event, once every six months exchange points, please notice the shop concerned.
► Certificate, and the score card to the hotel the Finance Department can exchange points for gifts accordingly.
* 2000 hours (with 2000 points) the following gifts, coin scorecard at the front desk check-out when the dollar.
* 2000 points or more gifts, please call the hotel ahead of the Finance Department five days booking, reservation Tel :0312-3098318, 3098130.
► dollar card will automatically reduce the appropriate points.
► enjoy the following benefits can not participate in the activities of hotel points activities: membership cards, cash cards, long rooms, Internet booking center customers, prices lower than the Wu Zhe (excluding Wuzhe) guests.
► Please check out and produce every scorecard, by the time consumption only after checking the corresponding points accumulated to the card; when the time is not present when the consumer checkout scorecard, without re-submit points.
► For new card must be valid ID and pay a nominal fee to the hotel 30 per handle, points can be automatically transferred to the new card.
Hotel independently operated area includes: Room, Greenville restaurant, Green Park coffee shop, meeting rooms, fitness center, business center.
► working hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00 (except public holidays)
► beginning and ending date for this event June 15, 2010 to June 14, 2011, please exchange gifts during the event, Late points will automatically cancel the card.
► ultimate power to interpret Baoding Bank of China Tower Limited.
Points incentives
Gift name serial number scores points
A single free upgrade to Business Single Room / 1 night or a free upgrade to Business Standard Room Standard Room / 1 Night 1000
2 free cleaning a shirt or a T shirt or a free extra bed / one night in 2000
3 of 90 yuan worth of gifts 3000
4, 150 yuan worth of gifts 5000
5, 240 yuan worth of gifts 8000
6 300 yuan worth of gifts 10000
7 450 gifts worth 15,000
8 600 gifts worth 20,000
9, 900 yuan worth of gifts 30000
10 gifts worth 1,200 yuan 40000
11 gifts worth 1,500 yuan 50000
12 gifts worth 2,400 yuan 80000
13 gifts worth 4,000 yuan 100,000
14 gifts worth 6,000 yuan 150000

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