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Dining Facilities
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  Zhongyin Hotel (Jasper Hotel) has café and dining halls with a variety of flavors. Green Garden Café on the 1st floor offers brand coffee, newly ground and boiled, foreign wine and drinks to satisfy guests of all tastes. Jiayuan Western Dining Hall on the 3rd floor offers buffet (breakfast and lunch), and Chinese Dining Hall on the 2nd and 3rd floor offers Zhili Official Cuisine, Yue Cuisine, Authentic Shanghai Cuisine, Kung Tak Lam Vegetarian Cuisine, seafood, and roast goose etc. to cater to different tastes of guests.

Second meal hall
  Second meal hall

Exquisitely furnished Rooms
  Exquisitely furnished Rooms

Traditional Dining Culture
  About Traditional Dining Culture Baoding guild-hall always holds Zhili traditional dinning culture in the dining histor..

Yu Zhen Yi Men Lobby
  In the 30th year of Qianlong, when the Emperor patrolled to the south, he granted Fang Guancheng with famous poem: 棨戟依..

Governor-general Office
  Introduction to Governor-general Office Governor-general Office of Zhili, the office place for Zhili Governor-general of..
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