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  “Golden Key”, as an organization of international hotel service, has had a history of over 70 years. China was approved to become the 31st member country of the International Golden Key Organization in 1997. Till now, the organization has had over 5,000 members from 34 countries and areas.
        “Golden Key” is a symbol for the characteristic service of modern hotel, seeking perfect service, offering surprise for guests, namely, the idea of Golden Key Service—seeking meaningful life from guests’ surprise.
        On November 19th, 2006, Zhongyin Hotel (Jasper Hotel) of Baoding won the first “Golden Key” and became the first of the star-level hotels in Baoding to join the International Golden Key Organization, which symbolized the rapid development of the hotel and big improvement in the hotel management level.
        In July, 2008, the hotel once more selected two staffs to take part in “the 65th membership training study of the International Golden Key Organization in China area”, in hope of offering comprehensively quick service for guests. They successfully completed their study, winning “the Golden Key membership certificate”. It is believed that in the near future the guests in Zhongyin Hotel definitely enjoy the satisfactory and surprising service, as well as the unique charming of “Golden Key” service.


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