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[Voice of Zhongyin]--- The Role Quality Supervision plays in Hotel Management
  As everyone knows, product quality is the base that enterprises survive, once pr..
[Hotel Offers]--- About the Thoughtful Service
  Introduction to Thoughtful Service  Service plays an important role in hotel b..
[Recommendation]--- Greeting Olympics of Century, Passion Makes Dreams
  Greeting Olympics of Century, Passion Makes Dreams
[Overview News]--- 签订《保定市“平安保定”城市监控系统建设协议书》
[Overview News]--- 邀请在店长包房客人及常熟外宾在嘉园餐厅与部分员工一起包粽子
[Overview News]--- “5•12”汶川大地震发生后,酒店员工纷纷伸出援助之手

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