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Hotel culture
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  Hotel Culture

  The values, hotel spirits and service ideas that the hotel staffs all possess are the rules of behaviors, which direct all activities of the hotel. They are heart and soul of the hotel.
  “Excel oneself, perfect service” is the rule of our enterprise;
  “Guests first, credit essential” is the guide of our service;
  “Strictness, normalization, scientificness and creation” is our managing style.
  Absorbing the essence from world hotel enterprises, with oriental culture, the hotel holds the beliefs of “people-oriented, trustworthy and practical-minded, pioneering and creative”, making exquisite brand of business hotel.
  Today, when the hotel develops very fast, we are shouldering great responsibilities. It is believed that you should make great effort as possible as you can to win the honor for the hotel through your best service, no matter what you do in the hotel.
  Hard-working and achieving to largest extent present life values, so it is wise for us to link individual future and the hotel success together. Hard-working can provide every one of us with meaningful life. So long as we all work hand in hand and dedicate ourselves to the same cause, our bright ideal will surely come true, and the future of Zhongyin Hotel will be much more glorious.

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