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About the Thoughtful Service

Introduction to Thoughtful Service

  Service plays an important role in hotel business, so it should never stop seeking good quality service. As the hotel facilities gradually become obsolete, only by constantly improving service quality can a hotel be competitive in market. For this reason, in order to improve service quality and create pleasant service atmosphere, the hotel added many thoughtful service items to the original standard service in hope that our thoughtful service can bring you a happy experience.

  I. Hospitably Greeting

  When you arrive, guest relationship manager or lobby manager, on behalf of general manager, will greet you and help check in at our hotel. Then you will be guided into lift and accompanied by staffs to your room. On the way to your room, the staff will introduce our hotel facilities, hotel service and business activities to you and offer reply to your questions. We will open the door, plug in and introduce the room facilities for you. If you have no other requirements, we will send our best wishes and say goodbye to you. At any time, any of your questions are welcomed. We will take your suggestions and demands into consideration, and make efforts to give you a satisfactory reply. The “Hospitably Greeting Service” is characterized by the hotel facilities introduction and detailed replies to your questions and requests while greeting, different greeting service for different guests, for instance, we will introduce the basic service facilities to the guests who are first time to arrive, such as facilities inside rooms, different dining halls, business centers, shopping location and any possible services etc. We will introduce the newly facilities and service to frequent guests and VIP. We will also pay close attention to the purpose and schedule of your trip, as well as your hobbies so that we can help you as possible as we can, for example, you booked the midnight train ticket, and we will ask you if you need wake-up service. We will introduce the business service to the business guests, such as ticket-booking, fax receiving or sending, online, printing and copying, as well as business facilities introduction, including outside telephone line, the plug location for computer, broadband socket, safe deposit box location inside rooms etc. At the same time, we will also present the different dining halls’ location and distinctive cuisine. We will introduce the local weather, tour information to the tourists and offer some helpful suggestions. For the tourists, we will help arrange the schedules and offer tourist guides; help rent cars, order dinners and reserve rooms in scenic spots, offering inexpensive and convenient “Golden Key” service.

  II. Pleasant Farewell

  When you finish your trip, ready for departure, we will send our bright smile and best wishes to you, so you will surely feel at home again. The time you spent in our hotel is short, the best wishes from our hearts, however, are eternal.
Guest relationship manager and lobby manager will get to know your trip schedule and departure time. In rush hour of settling accounts, there are staffs paying close attention to your check-out, baggage delivery, and taxi service. If you drive yourself, we will offer weather and expressway search service. If your departure day happens to be your birthday, an unexpected “Happy birthday to you!” a birthday card or a beautiful gift definitely give you a big surprise. We will say “goodbye and have a good trip” to you. Our care and service will bring a bright sunshine to your trip.

  III. Quick Service

  1. Quick check-in –3 minutes
            Our receptionists are very familiar with preparation work, and will quickly handle the check-in at the hotel.
        2. Quick check-out—3 minutes
            The guests spend much waiting time on checking rooms. In order to offer quick check-out, cashier will prepare invoice, bill and change in advance at the moment of checking rooms so as to save your waiting time as much as possible. The normal room-checking time should be within 3 minutes.
        3. Quick answer to your call—1minute
             We try to answer your call as soon as possible, usually before phone rings for second time. 
       4. Quick baggage service—5 minutes
            Receptionists will help carry baggage as soon as guests arrive or leave. They should also be quick of eyes and deft of hands, carefully identifying different guests’ room number, correctly guiding guests to their right rooms. They are expected to finish the work within 15 minutes while greeting group guests.
       5. Quick action for service—at any time
           In working space, receptionists will offer correspondent service immediately when guests need to be served, for example, ushers run to open car door, baggage porters help carry baggage as soon as guests arrive, lobby manager or baggage porters help hand the guests who have difficulties in walking, and cashiers immediately deal with the bill. The detailed service, therefore, largely presents our care and respect to you.
       6. Quick response to guests’ requests
            After receiving the requirements from guests, every receptionist in front hall will offer response to the guests as soon as possible to meet the requests.

  IV. Best Wishes for Birthdays/Festivals and Daily Greetings

  We will congratulate the check-in guests, other frequent guests and VIP on their birthdays and holidays in our characteristic manners so that they feel great care of families in these special days no matter where they are.
        You will receive the congratulations of “Happy birthday” from our staffs if your birthday is observed at our hotel. Your room will be decorated with colored sheets and beautiful ornaments. A beautiful present, a tray with your favorite fruits or a birthday cake are offered for you. You will have a wonderful birthday at home away from home.
Best wishes will be sent to you and your families by message in such holidays as New Year, Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and National Day. You will be informed of weather forecast by our call, phone message and room message. You will also receive the message of “Take care of yourself” when you work very hard every day.

  V. Courteous Reception at Weekend

  At weekend, we will not only offer fruit trays for long-stay guests and frequent guests, but also change their bedclothes from white into colored to create a cozy and comfortable home for guests. It has been favored by a lot of guests.

  VI. Pillow Menu and Note Card  

  The pillows made of different materials are offered for guests to assure that they have a good sleep every night. The detailed introduction to different pillows and daily necessities has been made into note card, being put by your bed for your convenience.

  VII. Files Service

  The information about every guest at our hotel is kept on files, such as their needs, hobbies and habits, thus, when the guest arrive next time, good preparations will be made to offer them a satisfactory and surprising service.

  VIII. Kitchen Service

  Room 2403 is equipped with complete kitchen supplies for long-stay guests. If they need to cook themselves, they can contact room-keeping center for reservations. Our service staffs will prepare for your cooking, and take responsibility for cleaning after dinner.

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