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The Role Quality Supervision plays in Hotel Management
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As everyone knows, product quality is the base that enterprises survive, once product quality loses the popular feelings, enterprises thereupon make no public appearances too. The products which hotels sell are the service, and in tangible facility, space and invisible time and working to guests to offer various service. The former includes guest room, restaurant, public place and every service facili.

       First, quality examination make the perfect hotels of services a " small society ", the traveller is from all directions, hotels offer the food for it, live, high-quality service of walking etc., guests need to receive the best enjoyment in this " small society ", receive the satisfaction of spirit and ps .
Reach the service standard of a real high comfort hotel, supervise and guide and check in soon constant implementation, it is insufficient to find out from it, in order to improve our service. For instance a dirty room once of room attendant is after the procedure of sterilizing, replacing the cloth grass, hoovering etc. sweeps clean, check once in an all-round way before withdrawing from the ro .

       Second, products that quality examination generates a that the products are sold impact on hotel in hotels have their particularity, different from other products, can offer appraisal from texture, appearance and serviceability, guests will produce a kind of consumer psychology of " taking risks " while buying the hotel products, unfavorable to the products to sell. If guests come to the shop to have dinner, it is impossible to let the waiter demonstrate firs.

       Three, quality examination helps to improve hotel personnel's one's own quality .
The personal image of hotel personnel, it is put making up that so small, even as big as the speech and deportment, the ones that reflected are the overall images of hotels. But because the staff's own individual character are different from getting used to, its ability of selfdiscipline may not reach the requirement of hotels. Hotels require staff's clothes is neat, the hair is combed neatl .It means, attendants, as hotels, not merely need good appearance image, the more important thing is to possess certain quality and training, it is all futile to force oneself or accept passively, so, should think of constant improvement and let onese .


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