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• On May, 12th -13th, 2006, the team of the bureau of public health arrived, and our hotel was responsible for their accommodation, dining and meetings. The guests included some famous stars such as Zhang Mai, Yang Zi, Zhang Zheng, and Li Shuangjiang etc.

• On April, 25th, 2006, the visiting and observing group of middle-aged and young cadres from the Central Party School of CPC arrived, including several directors of central departments and bureaus, as well as secretaries of provincial Party committees and committee members from different provinces of China. Our hotel was responsible for all the events of the activity such as accommodation, dining and meetings.

•On April 24th -27th, 2005, our hotel successfully hosted “the meeting on working experiences exchange of establishing civilized and ecological village in Hebei province”. Bai Keming, secretary of Hebei provincial Party committee, Ji Yunshi, Hebei provincial governor and many secretaries of city Party committee and mayors, secretaries of county Party committee and heads under the Hebei provincial government attended the meeting. The meeting committee was extremely satisfied with the reception.

• On September, 19th-23rd, 2004, the hotel hosted “the 8th meeting of standing committee of ninth Hebei political consultative committee”. 121 guests’ rooms were checked in and the meeting rooms were occupied in the whole day from Sep. 20th to 22nd.

• On May, 11th -14th, 2004, the hotel successfully hosted the meeting on experiences exchange of the state-owned enterprises reform in Hebei province. Bai Keming, secretary of Hebei provincial Party committee, Ji Yunshi, Hebei provincial governor, Guo Gengmao, vice provincial governor, together with 11 mayors and vice mayors in charge of industry attended the meeting. Mayor Wang Kunshan expressed positive comments on the reception of our hotel in summing-up meeting.

•On March, 2nd, 2004, Zhongyin Hotel was awarded “Service Quality Prize of Hebei province” by the quality-prize approval committee of Hebei and the quality and technology supervision bureau of Hebei, for the excellent service of the hotel.

•On July 18th -19th,2003, the national famous opera singers, Mei Baojiu, Shang Changrong, Geng Qichang, Meng Guanglu, Zhao Baoxiu, Qiu Yun came to Baoding for charity performance. They lived in our hotel, and Mr. Shang Changrong wrote “Zhongyin Hotel, Home away from Home” for commemoration.

On June 24th, 2003, Zhongyin Hotel was awarded the inscribed board of the Hotel with Quality Service and the certificate of honor for its excellent achievements in the quality service contest of 2002.

On June 13th, 2003, Zhongyin Hotel officially opened the broadband video communication for meeting, the third one after Shijiazhuang and Tangshan in Hebei province, the only hotel in Baoding to open such a business.

On March 18th, 2003, Zhongyin Hotel held the big ceremony for being honored with the title of four-star hotel. The leaders from the Chinese Restaurant Association, the Tour Bureau of Hebei, the Tour Association of Hebei, the city Party committee and government of Baoding, and the Tour Heritage Bureau of Baoding city attended the ceremony.

• On January 16th-18th, 2003, the leaders of Hebei Tour Bureau checked up and approved the work of Zhongyin Hotel for the title of four-star hotel. On January, 23th, the appraising committee on star-level and foreign-related hotel under Hebei Tour Bureau issued “officially approving that Zhongyin Hotel of Baoding was honored with four-star hotel”.  Zhongyin Hotel had been the first four-star hotel in Baoding city.

• On March 10, 2002, “the working meeting of national road transportation” was held in our hotel, and more than 70 rooms were reserved. The leaders like Guo Dajian, vice director of traffic department of Hebei province attended the meeting.

• On July 9th, 2001, “the working meeting of Hebei tour”was held in our hotel. Niu Maosheng, provincial governor of Hebei, Zhang Jianxin, vice dean of Hebei provincial people’s congress, Yang Qian, vice provincial governor, and Zhao Yan, vice chairperson of Hebei provincial political consultative committee and the like attended the meeting.

• On July 3rd, 2001, “the meeting of national jail management bureau” was held in our hotel. Cui Zhanfu, vice secretary of the State Council, Fan Fangping, vice minister of justice, He Shaocun, vice provincial governor of Hebei attended the meeting.

• On February 25th, 2001, the delegation of Chilean diplomatic envoys to China, accompanied by vice dean of Hebei provincial foreign affair office, visited Baoding city, and the city government greeted the delegation with second-level garrison.

• On January 20th 2001, “the constructive working meeting of Hebei province” was held in our hotel. He Shaocun, vice provincial governor, Zhao Guochang, vice secretary, Den Zehong, director of Hebei Constructive Department, Wang Kunshan, acting mayor of Baoding, and Chen Yongjiu, vice mayor of Baoding attended the meeting.

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